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Spiritual Sky Lemongrass Incense Sticks - 100 Grams

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Spiritual Sky Lemongrass Incense Sticks - 100 Grams

Our Spiritual Sky incense sticks are a quality incense made in India and hugely popular within Australia. We sell all the spiritual sky fragrances in packs of 100 grams which breaks down to 5 20-gram packets (100 sticks in total - 20 per packet). 

Spiritual sky incense has many uses; for instance when the rainy season comes and the house is musty try spiritual sky incense as an alternative to chemical sprays, or for a very gentle aroma leave a few unlit sticks in your room, car or caravan. 

To use, simply light the tip and let it burn for a moment and then blow it out, this allows the stick to release it's locked up perfume for about 40-50 minutes. Be careful when burning incense inside and always ensure to extinguish the incense stick when leaving the room. Use a proper incense holder if possible, if you don't have one you can also use a plate to catch the burning ash. 

Fragrance suggestions for use:

Kitchen: Black Raspberry, Lemongrass, Musk, Peach, Orange Blossom, Rain Forest, Strawberry, Vanilla. 

Living Room: African Violet, Aphrodesia, Jasmine, Kashmiri Moon, Lavender, Rain Forest, Ylang Ylang. 

Bath Room: Malayan Sandalwood, Patchouly, Patchouly Amber, Sandalwood.

Bed Room: Aphrodesia, Jasmine, Musk, Opium, Rose. 

For Eliminating Tabacco Odours: Frangipani, Frankincense And Myrrh, Lemongrass, Vanilla. 

..Since the dawn of time incense has been used by mystics to enhance their meditiation by creating a pure and tranquil environment. By means of mantra yoga they would open the doors of perception and gain deep spiritual insight. The same doors are open to modern day yoga practioners though the maha mantra. You can perfect your practice of yoga or medition by quielty repeating 'hare krishna hare kirshna, krishna krishna hare hare, hare rama hare rama, rama rama hare hare'. Just as a room can be refreshed when you pervaded by some sweet aroma, your whole consciousness can be transformed by this simple pratice of mantra yoga.