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Stack-able Herb / Botanical Dry Racks - 71 X 71 X 14cm

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Stack-able Herb / Botanical Dry Racks - 71 X 71 X 14cm

* Sold In Single Levels*

These drying racks are perfect for drying herbs and botanicals and can be built up in multiple layers. The design features a high quality cotton mesh which you place your herbs on. The mesh has small holes through-out it allowing air to reach the bottom of the herbs and along with the opened sides the herbs / botanicals will get an all over air flow. 

The frames can be mounted on top of each other allowing you to create multiple layers and makes future expansion easy. For example if you're expecting a larger crop this year than the previous years you can simply buy another few levels and your problems solved!

Another handy hint is to place the drying racks within your grow tent or room after the harvest is complete. Keep your ventilation on and now you've got a dark space with a healthy air flow. If you've grown out doors just place the herb racks in a dark room and turn a fan on - this will dry your herbs out nicely as well. 

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