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Stealth Hydroponic Grow Kit

The Stealth Sufficiency Grow Kit - Our Solution for Self Sufficiency!

Are you new to indoor growing and gardening? The Stealth Sufficiency Kit has everything you need to begin your journey to self sufficiency!

The Stealth Sufficiency Kit comprises the popular and efficient Spectro LED grow light, housed within the award-winning Pinelab Tent. Also included are the essentials for ventilation, lighting control, pots, and more! This kit allows you to grow two healthy, happy plants – perfect for the new home grower or someone wanting to upgrade their existing domestic setup.

The Stealth Sufficiency Kit includes:
  • 1 x Spectro 240w LED Grow Light
  • 1 x SigilVentus 150mm Fan and Controller
  • 1 x Time-Tastic Light Controller
  • 1 x House & Garden Nutrients Starter pack
  • 2 x Air-Pruning Pots
  • 1 x 4×4 Pinelab
  • 1 x FREE 2L Pro Mantis


This incredibly popular kit guarantee success for the home gardening enthusiast!