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THL Sleep Ease Aromatherapy Spray

THL Sleep Ease Aromatherapy Spray

The Hemp Lady's aromatherapy spray promotes restful sleep so you wake up feeling well-rested and energised. This is a must-have if you're looking for better sleep, with specially designed pure essential oils and natures finest relaxants combing to make this amazing aromatherapy spray. This spray also comes in Miron Violet Glass jars which offer protection against light that may harm your products. See below to read more about Miron Violet Glass!

What's in Sleep Ease Aromatherapy Spray and how does it work?

Magnesium Chloride:

  • Possesses powerful relaxation properties
  • Eases restless leg syndrome
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Is a nervous system relaxant
  • Lessens pain associated with headaches and migraines
  • Helps with anxiety and depression


Hemp oil:

  • Contains healing terpenoids
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves muscle pain


Lavender & chamomile extract:

  • Sedative & calming properties
  • Encourages deep and restful sleep
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Anti-inflammatory properties


THL Sleep Ease Aromatherapy Spray Ingredients:

Distilled water, magnesium chloride (99.9), cannabis sativa (organic Hemp oil), lavender (Lavandula), organic chamomile extract (chamomilla Recutita)

Proudly made in South Australia.

About Miron Violet Glass

Miron Violet Glass is the best storage method for your herbs or organic matter. It uses a specialised form of violet glass to protect your products from harmful light energy. This helps to enhance flavours, reduce ageing and preserve bio-energy.

Forms of various violet glass can be traced back to Egyptian times. The Ancient Egyptian civilisations used these special protective properties for sacred belongings and storage. Valuable essences and healing organic products were kept in violet glass containers, usually with a gold trim!

Alchemists in the middle ages were also said to have used violet glass to bottle and store their various experiments, acknowledging the useful attributes of these containers. Advancements in industrialisation and the emergence of ‘new’ packaging materials meant that violet glass fell into obscurity over the past few hundred years.

Since the first industrially produced Miron violet glass production in 1995, the composition, manufacturing and verification methods have significantly changed. More and more producers of high-quality natural products are discovering the advantages of Miron violet glass containers.