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UTA 4 Inch Ventilation Kit

UTA 4 Inch Ventilation Kit - 2X 4 Inch Fans + 2X PVC Coated 4 Inch Ducting 

 This four inch ventilation kit gives you everything you need to bring fresh air into your grow tent and at the same time take the bad air out. Perfect for smaller grow rooms and small grow tents. 

UTA 4 Inch Ventilation Kit Includes:

  • 2X 4 Inch UTA Fans
  • 2X 4 Inch PVC Coated Ducting - 4.5m Per Length

UTA Fans:

UTA tube fans, commonly found in computers offer unprecedented reliability over all other brands. The quality lies in the sealed, ABEC 7 rated bearings as opposed to the open bearing cases used by cheaper currently available versions. Expect higher
pressure ratings, higher airflow volumes and a longer life from UTA fans.

PVC Coated Ducting:

 A high quality - tough ducting with a PVC coated outer layer. Completely light proof this ducting is perfect for when light leaks need to be avoided. This PVC coated memory duct has the smallest corrugation profile and largest true inner diameter which provides maximum air flow and a quiet air passage.