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Vampire Blood Perfume Oil

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Vampire Blood Perfume Oil - 8ml Bottle

This one is especially created for those fascinated with the Vampires. The Vampires Blood perfume has an almost cult following as it is supposed to attract the Vampires to come to you. The smell of their blood, brings the vampire straight to you. For those who love to live dangerously this perfume provides an opportunity to meet evil face to face. The fragrance recreates the musky woody odor of the Vampire with amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and musk essential oils blended together in a very precise formula. Beckon danger wear Vampire Blood and take a walk in the dark.

Nandita is one of the leading brands in the incense and perfume oil industry due to their unique fragrances. The brand Nandita originated in India and have a large following as they're experts at creating high grade incense and perfumes. Nandita have recently released a collection of concentrated perfume oils which can be used on the body as a perfume, in candles or diluted with water and used with oil burners. Nandita perfume oils are packaged in an attractive bottle and come with a stopper, dropper and a roll on option. Each bottle contains 8ml of perfume oil.