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ViparSpectra XS1000 LED Grow Light Kit

ViparSpectra XS1000 LED Grow Light Kit - All-In-One Bundle

This all-in-one bundle features everything you need to get started with indoor growing today. We've put together this convenient kit with the only the best pieces of equipment so that you can put the focus on your growing your garden!

In the kit:

  • 1x ViparSpectra XS1000 LED Grow Light - 100W
  • 1x GroCELL Zelt Grow Tent - 80cm x 80cm x 160cm
  • 2x Aluminium Ducting 4" X 6M - 3 Ply
  • 2x Grofan 4 Inch Mixed Flow Inline Fan - 2 Speeds
  • 3x Quick Release Clamp - 4 Inch
  • 1x 10A 24 Hour Analogue Timer - Heavy Duty
  • 1x 4 Inch Filtaroo Carbon Filter - 150 X 100mm
  • 1x Mammoth Carbon Filter Hanging Straps - 1 Pair
  • 2x Heavy Duty Hangers Pair - 68KG Capacity


Viparspectra XS1000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light - 100W - Samsung Diodes - Mean Well LED Driver - 76cm x 76cm

Welcome to the Viparspectra XS Series XS1000 LED Grow Light. The XS1000's fanless design means it operates silently, with it's dimmable Mean Well drivers helping to create the perfect growing environment for your indoor garden. All stages of a plant's growth are supported thanks to the XS1000's full spectrum of light, with it's sun-like output delivering great results from veg to flower.

XS1000 Highlights:

  • Pure and clean silver look
  • Industry leading Samsung diodes
  • Mean Well LED driver
  • Up to 50% higher real power and at least 70% higher PAR outputs than other manufacturers
  • PPE 2.7 µmol/J
  • Sun-like full spectrum
  • Including Infrared LED (IR)
  • Built-in dimmer switch, 0% - 100%
  • Silicone sealant conformal coating to waterproof LEDs
  • Passive cooling with larger-surface heat sink
  • Totally silent


XS1000 Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 29.9cm x 27.9cm x 7.6cm
  • Item Weight - 2.4 kilograms
  • LED Chips - 252 Samsung LM310B diodes
  • Vegging Coverage - 76.2cm x 76.2cm @ 0.41m
  • Flowering Coverage - 61cm x 61cm @ 0.41 m
  • Real Power - 120 V: 480 watts ± 3%
  • Input Voltage - AC 100-240 V
  • Input Frequency - 50-60 Hz
  • Cooling Mode - Passive cooling
  • Noise Level - 0 dB
  • Lifespan ≥ 100,000 hours
  • Operating Temperature - -20 ºC - 40 ºC
  • Package Weight - 3.65 kilograms


GroCELL Zelt Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent - 80cm x 80cm x 160cm

The groCELL zelt tents are a God-send for those of us who don’t have a greenhouse or grow room. They allow you to grow plants that you otherwise would not be able to, particularly if you live where the grow season is rather short. A good well-made tent will prove to be an inexpensive investment.

GroCELL Zelt Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent Features:

  • Completely Light-tight, waterproof and air-tight material.
  • Silver Mylar lined interior for maximum use of light.
  • 600D polyester aluminum coating inside.
  • Velcro fasteners.
  • Mylar Silver, SBS Zips, thick Cloth
  • Removable water-proof floor tray for spillages.
  • Inlet/Outlet vents for fans.
  • Quick and easy to assemble, lightproof, brilliant silver interior.
  • Adjustable intake and exhaust vents.
  • Military grade zips give full access to the crop.
  • The ideal environment for home cultivation!


GroCELL Zelt Grow Tent 80cm x 80cm x 160cm Specifications:

  • Front viewing window
  • Side excess on both sides
  • Sufficient duct holes: 1×8″, 4×6″, 2×4″
  • Size: 80cm x 80cm x 160cm
  • Detachable air window flaps for air flow on bottom sides, it can be close or open
  • German branded zipper pullers
  • Front two-way zipper, opens from top and bottom


  • Cultivate Plants Indoors- With a grow tent, anyone can grow whatever crops they want right inside. People who live in condos or apartments don’t usually have the luxury of being able to plant an outside garden. With a grow tent you can grow beautiful healthy plants in any room of your house. By using hydroponic technology, you don’t even need to deal with the mess of soil!
  • Great for Beginners – For the beginner hydroponic grower, a grow tent provides an excellent option to get started. They are inexpensive, easy to assemble and use and the crop yields will amaze you. Even for experienced hydroponic growers, a tent is an excellent option for expanding your current garden.
  • Expand your Options, Regardless of Where You Live –You are in complete control of the temperature and light level in the tent. This allows you to grow anything you want, regardless of your climate. Plants that normally can only be grown in the south, for example, can be successfully grown anywhere in the world.
  • Save Energy – The design of grow tents is extremely efficient and provides optimal conditions for your plants. The interior walls are reflective and fire proof, allowing for maximum light. The walls are well-sealed so no light escapes, making the tent energy efficient and convenient for any room in the house.
  • Light Control – Most models come with timers and controls that allow you to tailor the light in the tent to exactly what your crop needs. Different plants have different requirements for optimal growth and being able to control the light intensity and timing in the tent allows you to cater perfectly to your plants needs.
  • Perfect Moisture Control – Hydroponic growing is the best way to control water and humidity levels for your plants, and using grow tents makes this even easier. Since the plants grow in water, there is no guesswork involved in making sure your plants are watered properly or that they have enough humidity to thrive.
  • Easy Assembly – Most come packaged for quick and easy assembly. Everything you need to set up is included and the instructions make set up a breeze. Depending on the model you choose, some have several shelves that are adjustable and removable so your crop can progress right from propagation to maturity in the same tent.
  • Portability – They come in many popular sizes but all are made of lightweight materials that make moving it around very easy if you need to. Even the larger models can be easily taken partially apart to fit through narrow halls or doors and then quickly put back together in its new location. They are very light and can be easily carried from room to room. Grow tents are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet your needs. Whether you just want to start out small with just a few plants or grow an entire crop, you will find a tent that is perfect for your needs.


Non-Insulated Aluminium Ducting 4" X 6M - 3 Ply Hydroponic Ventilation Ducting

This aluminium ducting has a four inch diameter and is sold in six meter lengths. It has a max temperature rating of 200 Celsius and has three layers for extra strength.

Grofan 4 Inch Mixed Flow Inline Fan With 2 Speed Setting

Grofan have a complete range of energy efficient Mixed Flow In-Line fans which are now quieter than any other product on the market. Grofan come in four different sizes including 4", 5", 6" and 8" which have been designed for use with rigid and flexible ducting.

Inline Mixed Flow fans offer two and half times the pressure of conventional axial fans, are dimensionally more compact making them ideal for many ducted applications. The impeller blade design with guide vanes provides optimum pressure characteristics and simple connectivity and quieter more efficient running provides the complete solution.

The Grofan Mixed Flow In-Line fan can operate in both horizontal and vertical positions and can be mounted to meet its optimum performance.  It has a Hi-Lo in built fan speed control switch to suit your application.

Grofan 4 Inch Mixed Flow Inline Fan Features:

  • Compatible with 4″ round air ducts
  • For ventilation systems requiring high pressure, powerful air flow and low noise level
  • Casing is made either of durable ABS plastic or polypropylene with low flammability, UV- and corrosion-resistant properties
  • Special casing design enables easy dismantling of impeller and motor block without air ducts detaching to facilitate fan servicing
  • Double-speed single-phase ball-bearing motor with thermal overload protection is controlled with integrated
  • 3-position (low speed/OFF/high speed) speed switch
  • Wall or ceiling mounting with a mounting plate
  • Ideal solution for mounting into limited spaces due to compact design
  • Supplied with factory prewired au power cord, ready to plug in


Quick Release Clamp To Connect Hydroponic 4 Inch Equipment

Our range of Quick Release Clamps can be used to connect any Hydroponic Aluminium Ducting, PVC Ducting, Acoustic Ducting, Extractor Fans, Carbon Filters, T-Pieces or Fan Silencers. Basically anything with a 6 inch diameter.

10A 24 Hour Analogue Timer - Heavy Duty For Hydroponics

  • Plug in socket, and connect this facility with the home appliance
  • Push down the joint slices according to the working duration of home appliances as expected (15 min, For one slice, adjustable for 24hr)
  • Turn the dise following the arrow's direction till the mark pointing to the current time


Filtaroo Carbon Filter - 150mm X 100mm - 4 Inches

Filtaroo carbon filters have everything you would expect from a premium carbon filter. Manufactured using only the finest Australian mined carbon, it offers minimal pressure drop through the fan whilst maintaining high performance in air scrubbing. The Filtaroo Filter also comes supplied with a free extra pre-filter, further improving durability.

Filtaroo Filter gets the best Australian charcoal (carbon) virgin in the world - extracted from old deposits that are millions of years in age. Coal is selected and screened only for Filtaroo™ Filters, so the carbon filter is much better balanced than other filters on the market. Filtaroo's Australian coal RC412 has the best absorption capacity of the market - 1 gram of carbon RC412 covers an area up to 1000m².

Filtaroo Carbon Filter Features:

  • Easy to install pre-filters
  • Less dust
  • Cylinder filled with virgin carbon
  • Light weight aluminium green collar
  • Metal Mesh for maximum air flow
  • Premium carbon for pure air flow


Mammoth Carbon Filter Hanging Straps Pair

Mammoth Straps are made of heavy duty nylon and are perfect suspending small to medium sized carbon filters in a grow tent / grow room.

Hanging Straps Diameter: 55cm. (2 Per Pack)

Heavy Duty Hydroponic Hangers With 68KG Weight Capacity (2pcs = 1 Pair)

These Heavy Duty Hangers are used for hanging grow light reflector. They are the simplest and most efficient way to adjust the reflector depending on your need. These hangers also perfectly meet the requirement of adjusting the reflector to provide different light supply as plants grow. Compatible with all types of light reflectors.

Hydroponic Hangers Features:

  • 8' braided polypropylene rope
  • Secure items quickly and easily
  • Never breaks, slips or rusts
  • Great for hoisting and securing
  • Max Weight 68KGS or 150 LBS per pair