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Yatra Candle - 125g

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Yatra Beeswax Scented Candle - 125g

Meaning travel or pilgrimage in Hindi, this Yatra scented candle is made from natural ingredients picked in the forests of India. Relieve your body and stir the soul with Yatra's sweet and floral nag champa fragrance.

Mixed and blended with natural fragrance oils, this Yatra beeswax scented candle is handmade from a base of plumeria and sandalwood with notes of patchouli and musk for an uplifting and invigorating aroma. Yatra is quickly becoming one of our best selling fragrances with this scented candle a must-try for any incense lover.

"In a country that is the abode of many Gods, often we embark on a journey to their doorsteps.  We travel across lands, our hearts filled with faith and souls brimming with devotion.  We endure difficult Yatras to catch one beautiful glimpse of the almighty.  To bow before Him and seek his blessings."