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Yatra Jumbo Garden Incense Sticks | 96 Stick Box

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Yatra Jumbo Garden Incense Sticks - Full Carton - 12 Packets 

This product is for a full carton of incense, it includes 12 separate packets making a total of 96 sticks per carton.

Introducing Yatra Jumbo Garden Incense Sticks - Complete Carton Set with 12 Packets

Our exquisite incense is swiftly gaining popularity as one of our top-selling products. Crafted entirely naturally in India, without the use of any chemicals, this incense is a must-try if you haven't experienced it yet!

Each individual packet holds 8 sticks that burn for a remarkable 3 or more hours, allowing you to relax and immerse yourself in the delightful Yatra fragrance. When you purchase a carton, you'll receive 12 separate packets, each containing 8 sticks, resulting in a grand total of 96 extra-large incense sticks.