Kids Bamboo Socks

Make sure your little one's feet are warm and cosy with these bamboo knee high socks. Made from 92% bamboo, these socks feature all the incredible benefits you'd expect from high quality bamboo garments such as keeping you warm in winter, requiring less washes than traditional socks and being soft on delicate skin. These socks are antibacterial, chemical-free, hypoallergenic and moisture wicking. What's more, these bamboo socks support eco-friendly lifestyles, coming from a sustainable and renewable plant source.

At The Hippie House, we ensure all of our bamboo products are sourced using sustainable practices, safeguarding the cultivation of bamboo for years to come. Coming from the forests of China, we only stock garments made from matured bamboo of at least four years. Once suitably matured, the bamboo is harvested and taken to mills to be treated in preparation for making garments. After being crushed, washed, bleached and dried, the fibre is spun into a tough yet soft yarn. This is what makes bamboo garments so durable, lasting far longer than traditional clothing materials without fraying or wearing.

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