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Bergamot Essential Oil

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100% Pure Bergamot Essential Oil 

Bergamot health benefits and uses: 

Keynote:   Sedative yet uplifting

Bergamot oil is light, floral, citrusy fresh and lively but gentle. It brings delicious relief to tense and stressed bodies.  As one of the most popular essential oils used In the perfume industry, Bergamot blends well with other essential oils. It is named after the Italian City of Bergamo where the oil was first sold.

 Bergamot oil is sedative and yet uplifting, it evokes joy, warms the heart, refreshes the spirit and helps people to regain confidence. This makes Bergamot the ideal oil to use in a spritzer, therapeutic bath,  in a massage oil or in an oil burner for depression, anxiety, stress and nervous tension . Bergamot oil  can be helpful to relief premenstrual tension and in the later stages of pregnancy when physical discomforts such as nausea, heartburn or backache can affect morale. Remember in pregnancy always only use 1/2 dose such as 2-3 drops to 10 mls of carrier oil.  

Bergamot oil's cooling and refreshing  quality soothes anger and frustration, and helps you to relax and restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

 In the body Bergamot oil has valuable antiseptic and anti-inflammatory  action and can be used  as inhalation to treat respiratory infections.  As a sitzbath 2 drops Bergamot oil added to warm water  can benefit in cases of urinary tract infections or vaginal itching.  In a facial oil it can be used to treat acne, can improve oily skin conditions  and skin coditions of nervous origin. Together with Teatree oil Bergamot oil  may be  used to treat viral conditions like cold sores, chickenpox and shingles . 1 drop of Bergamot oil added to 1/2 glass of water can be used as mouthwash to cleanse, disinfect and kill bacteria in the mouth, relief bad breath and gives relief to mouth ulcers.

Bergamot oil also has a stimulating effect on liver, stomach and spleen and can be helpful to relieve heaviness and distension.

Don't use Bergamot oil before exposure to sun because it can increase  skin photosensitivity.

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