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Black Pepper Essential Oil

100% Pure Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum) Essential Oil 

Black Pepper Health benefits and uses:

 1X 12ml Bottle - 100% Pure Essential Oil - BLACK PEPPER - Piper Nigrum

The warming and comforting quality of Black pepper essential oil makes it useful for extreme cold conditions no matter if they are physical or emotional in nature. Black pepper essential oil strengthens the nervous system, is stimulating mental function and improves energy. By generating warmth and dispelling cold it supports the yang.

Black pepper is a wonderfully warming oil that was highly valued even 4000 years ago in Chinese and Sanskrit medicine as a heating stimulant. The Greeks used it to combat fever.

Because Black pepper oil stimulates circulation and has analgesic properties it may be useful as a massage oil or in a cream for muscular aches and pains, muscle stiffness and fatigue and in giving temporary relief to  chilblains and rheumatic and arthritic pain. Athletes can use Black pepper essential oil as muscular warm up before a training session.

Added to a massage oil Black pepper oil is helpful in dispersing severe bruising.

Black pepper essential oil can also be useful for relief of indigestion and flatulence by massaging the abdomen gently in clockwise circular direction with  a massage oil blend with Black pepper oil. In the digestive system it stimulates the flow of saliva, improves appetite, expels wind encourages peristalsis and restores muscle tone of the bowel muscles.

As a stimulant of the spleen Black pepper essential oil supports the immune system and as a febrifuge, it helps to prevent or reduce fevers.

Metaphysically Black Pepper increases courage and generates positive anger for change, it brings warmth and confidence to yourself and assists in removing blockages, that may be holding you back Black Pepper helps to stay focused so you can follow your direction in life and prosper.

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