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Pennyroyal Essential Oil

1X 12ml Bottle - 100% Supreme Quality Essential Oil - PENNYROYAL - Mentha pulegium

Pennyroyal essential oil, Mentha pulegium, is steam distilled from the leaves, the scent is a combination of minty and earthy. It is useful as an insect repellent. Used for phlegm, respiratory disorders, jaundice, nausea, ulcers, consumption, dropsy, toothache, leprosy, whooping cough, convulsions, sores in the mouth, colic, snakebites, expel after-birth, sore gums, fainting, fever, and gout. Purifies the blood, relieves gas and stomach pain, stimulates uterine contractions. Oil used externally for rheumatism and insect repellent. Its action is carminative, diaphoretic, stimulant and emmenagogic, and is principally employed for the last-named property in disorders caused by sudden chill or cold. It is also beneficial in cases of spasms, hysteria, flatulence and sickness, being very warming and grateful to the stomach.

Cautions - Pennyroyal essential oil is an oral toxin - NEVER take this oil internally as it is dangerous! To take pennyroyal oil internally to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is very dangerous and in a few cases has resulted in death. There is possible fetal damage from the use of pennyroyal in any form during pregnancy. May cause severe kidney/liver damage used in excess of 2 ounces. Do not be use during pregnancy, it is a uterine stimulant. Use only with medical supervision.

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