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8 Inch RVK Circular Duct Fan | 200mm

G.A.S 8 Inch RVK Circular Duct Fan | 200mm

RVK Fans: The Industry Staple for Versatile Ventilation

The RVK fan is a tried and true industry standard, known for its versatility and reliability. It serves as an ideal choice for both extractor and intake fan applications, making it suitable for ventilating wet or damp rooms. This product's consistency in performance has made it a perennial bestseller.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation: RVK fans are incredibly user-friendly, allowing for easy connections and installation in virtually any position.
  • Energy Efficiency: These fans are equipped with an energy-efficient backward-curved motorized impeller that can be powered directly from the mains or through a speed controller to regulate speed and airflow.
  • Robust Construction: The fibreglass and polypropylene casing provides robustness, while the dynamically balanced impeller reduces vibration and noise, resulting in a quiet yet powerful fan. It has won the favor of growers from entry-level to experienced professionals.
  • Safety Features: Designed with safety in mind, the RVK fan includes thermal protection to prevent overheating and an IP44 rated terminal box for added security.
  • Reliability and Maintenance-Free: Extremely reliable and maintenance-free, the RVK fan upholds the quality synonymous with German manufacturing and is backed by a two-year warranty.


RVK100 RVK100 A1 Small 29.1 Watts 184 m^3/h CA50-100-330
RVK125 RVK125 A1 Small 29.2 Watts 220 m^3/h CA50-125-330
RVK125L RVK125 L Small 58.8 Watts 323 m^3/h CA50-125-330
RVK150 RVK 150 A1 Large 59.6 Watts 428 m^3/h CA50-150-330
RVK150L RVK 150 L1 Large 109 Watts 720 m^3/h CA50-150-660
RVK160 RVK 160 A1 Large 59 Watts 436 m^3/h CA50-160-500
RVK160L RVK 160 L1 Large 106 Watts 731 m^3/h CA50-160-660
RVK200 RVK 200 A1 Large 104 Watts 796 m^3/h CA50-200-500
RVK200L RVK 200 L1 Large 153 Watts 1073 m^3/h CA50-200-660
RVK250 RVK 250 A1 Large 109 Watts 860 m^3/h CA50-250-500
RVK250L RVK 250 L1 Large 159 Watts 1134 m^3/h CA50-250-660
RVK315 RVK 315 A1 Large 222 Watts 1362 m^3/h CA50-315-660