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80W 10000L/H Submersible Water Pump for Fountain, Pond, Aquarium, Fish Tank


1. This pump can save up to 60% energy than normal pumps with new frequency conversion technology . It is used to displace clean or dirty pond water with the temperature from 4 to 35.

2. As an amphibious pump with the rustless ceramic shaft, it is widely used in the aquarium tank, waterfalls,garden foundations, pond filtration systems, and other application.

3. Also, with ultra-quiet design, it won't disturb your lovely fish and your normal life. What's more,the pump can be taken apart without using any tools,which make it more convenient to clean.


1. Lots of pumps selling on the market say that their pump can adjust the flow rate by changing the outlet connector.

2. In fact, they cannot do that if it is not frequency adjustable. When you change the outlet connector, it only change the speed of water flow rate.

3. But this water pump we are selling uses electronic frequency conversion technology to change the flow rate to save engery.


Please note that the flow rate of this pump is NOT adjustable.
ECO saving and generates more power with less energy consumption.
Great for both fresh and salt water applications and can be used in either wet or dry applications.
Ultra-quiet design keeps a quiet environment for fish.
EZ access cover allows ease of maintenance of rotor, shaft and removable impellers.
This pump will automatically cut up the power when there is no water or the rotor was blocked.
Woking voice between 40-50 DB,quiet for aquarium life.
Safe for fish(no copper, no oil).
Ceramic shaft,corrosion resistant in salt water.
Allow large size of the dirt particles down to 4.1 "With spiral propeller design.
Handheld design,easy to carry.


Model DAP005
Power Consumption 80W
Delivery Head(MAX) 6M
Flow Rate(MAX) 10000L/H
Length of power cable About 5M
Hose Connection 125mm, 32mm, 38mm,50mm
Dimension 208mm*138mm*158mm

Input voltage




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