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Benzoin Essential Oil

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100% Pure Benzoin (Gum Benjamin) Essential Oil 

Benzoin Health benefits and uses: 

Benzoin has a soothing, sedative effect on the respiratory system, which makes it a good essential oil to treat respiratory infections, to relief tense breathing, sooth bronchial coughs and  sore/infected throats. Commonly people use the essential oil with a steam vaporizer.

Benzoin is obtained from the resin of the Styrax tonkinensis trees. The thick resinoid has a vanilla like fragrance which is why it’s often used in massage oil blends and the perfume industry.

Traditionally  Benzoin has a long history in the use of incense making in various cultures from Japan, to Asia and Europe. It's a major component in church incense In the Russian Orthodox church and in Western catholic churches.

Also commonly known as gum Benjamin, Benzoin warms, relieves inflammation  and has antiseptic properties which make it extremely helpful in relieving  sore throats and laryngitis. For this treatment Benzoin is best applied by steam inhalation or vaporizer. As a massage oil blend massaged into chest and back it it relieves coughs and respiratory infections and has long been an ingredient in Friar's Balsam. Massaged into the stomach in a clockwise direction Benzoin massage oil blend can soothe the stomach and reliefs flatulence.

Benzoin has stress-relieving properties, it relaxes and enhances the mood. It’s effective in soothing the nerves and will warm both body and mind – putting the person in a state of calmness.  A few drops in relaxing therapeutic bath can give relief to nervous sleepers.

In the Beauty industry Benzoin oil can be used as cleanser or pampering skin or facial oil. It is healing and kind to the skin and extremely suited for healing of cracked skin an heels or dry and chapped hands.

Metaphysically Benzoin resin is for clearing and purification, it sanctifies the space where it is burned or vaporized.  It promotes generosity,  success and prosperity .

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