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Bio Diesel Coco Propagation Plugs | 38mm | 100 Pack

Bio Diesel Coco Propagation Plugs | 38mm | 100 Pack

Optimal Start for Seedlings and Cuttings with Organic Coco Plugs

Experience the perfect beginning for your seedlings and cuttings with our organic coco plugs. These plugs come enriched with a pH-buffered starter solution and maintain the ideal air-to-water ratio, ensuring rapid root development and swift plant establishment. Notably, they stand out as eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives to traditional Rockwool.

Key Features:

  • pH-Buffered Starter Solution: Coco plugs are prepped with a pH-buffered solution, setting the stage for healthy growth from the start.
  • Root Development: Maintain the ideal air-to-water ratio, facilitating speedy root growth and early plant establishment.
  • Eco-Friendly: Unlike Rockwool, these plugs are eco-conscious, aligning with sustainable gardening practices.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all rooting gels and powders, ensuring versatility in your cultivation methods.

Bio Diesel has partnered with Simply Organics Spain, a renowned leader in organic coco fiber production since 2003. Their production facilities in India, situated far from coastal areas in a salt-free environment, ensure low EC levels and freshwater washing, preserving natural Trichoderma. Our Bio Diesel Coco products surpass the old Dutch RHP certification, boasting the esteemed KO GUARANTEE, certifying their cleanliness, salt-free nature, sustainability, and eco-friendliness. These coco plugs are "double washed" and treated with a special Calcium and Magnesium buffer, guaranteeing the perfect start for your plants.

Embark on your growing journey with confidence, using Bio Diesel Coco products for a sustainable, clean, and optimal foundation for your plants.