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Chakra Lotus Tapestry

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Tie Dyed Chakra Lotus Tapestry - 58" x 82"

Tapestry dimensions: 58 inches x 82 inches. 

 What better artwork to inspire you every day and help you kickstart your day with confidence than the chakra lotus designed tapestry. The chakra lotus design is a beautiful flower with so many layers; this design will take your breath away and have you imagining a heart with so many thick layers. These thick layers signify toughness and the ability to face the challenges of life. The design symbolizes good luck, long life, and spiritual awakening. Make your friends and even colleagues question their art choices by choosing this design that is not just beautiful but has a symbolic meaning.

 The beautiful chakra lotus design tapestry is professionally crafted and made purely from the finest cotton making it washable and easy to maintain. The tapestry can be placed on the walls of your home or office; it can also be used as a table cloth and even curtain. Give your home and office that artistic and more inspiring outlook. Pick the chakra lotus design tapestry during your next shopping venture and have your friends look up to you for art advice.