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Femme (Feminised) Seeds Spray - 100ml

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100ml Femme Seeds Spray - Creates Feminised Seeds 

Femme seed spray is the same formula used by dutch growers to make 100% GUARANTEED female seeds. This 100ml bottle is suited for 3 plant and can produce up to 3000 seeds if the right conditions are met. 

To use the spray and to create feminised seeds you'll need a flowering female plant. Choose a branch on the plant and spray the branch once a day for 2-3 weeks. This will force pollen sacks to form and this pollen has no male chromosome. When this pollen is used with another female plant it will produce only female seeds.

Once the pollen sacks have matured and pollen is available it can then be carefully collected and can be used on the same plant from where the pollen was taken or another flowering female plant to produce 100% feminised and female seeds. 

From there you can continue working with the same strain or cross pollinate other plants to create cross breads (which is where the addition starts).