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HEM Mystic Rose Aroma Fragrance Oil - 10ml Bottle

HEM Aroma Fragrance Oil - Mystic Rose - 10ml Bottle

HEM fragrance oils allow you to experience the popular scents of HEM without the smoke and ash of cone and stick incense. This richly scented Mystic Rose home fragrance oil is made for use in potpourri, sachets, oil diffusers, and aroma lamps.

Rose is traditionally associated with love, close friendships, domestic peace, happiness, and lasting relationships.

HEM Aroma Oil comes in an amber glass bottle with a plastic cap. Bottle contains 10ml (approximately 1/3 ounce) of scented oil. Oil is 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals. Made in India.

NOTE - This is a aromatherapy fragrance only and should not be used on the skin.