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Indoor Smart Garden For Kitchens

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The Best Home Kitchen Bench Garden!

Our high quality kitchen growers make growing your cooking herbs as simple as possible. Perfect for kitchen benches these little self contained gardens not only look great but also provide you with fresh tasty foods. They are a mess free solution that not only looks after your stomach but also the environment. They grow your plants with energy efficient LED grow lights as well as have minimal nutrient and water refilling needs. 

Kitchen Plant Grower Includes:

  • 1X kitchen plant grower system
  • 1X Au power plug
  • 2X Pots 
  • 2X Vermiculite growing medium

**Please note the seeds and nutrients are sold separately in our store. Click here to view the entire kitchen garden range of seeds, nutrients and accessories.**


Kitchen Plant Grower Benefits:

  • Grow plants in any light conditions. Perfect for apartments.
  • Soil-free means mess free. Perfect for kitchens.
  • Super water efficient, which means minimum maintenance. Refill on average once every 3 weeks when the refill indicator beeps.
  • Experience higher yields and faster growth due to this product providing the perfect nutrient balance and light exposure that your plants need to grow.
  • Grow food indoors and avoid having to worry about common garden pests eating your crops.
  • Enjoy the taste of freshly harvested food.
  • Reduce food waste by only taking what you need instead of letting your food wilt away in your fridge.


Kitchen Plant Grower Features:

  • High-performance full spectrum 8 Watt LED grow lights with an automatic timer, and reading light.
  • Comes with a power adapter for Australian outlets.
  • Water level indicator that beeps and flashes when you need to re-water your plants.
  • Vermiculite growing medium.
  • Modern Aesthetic.
  • Power Supply: AC to 16V DC Power adapter (Australian Outlet).
  • Dimensions: Height = 37cm, Length = 27cm, Width = 12cm .