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Lantern French Grey Filigree

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A Beautiful French Vintage Lantern With Floral Design

The metal structure is dainty yet sturdy with the most intricately detailed pattern filigreed on it-the colour an earthy metallic shade, very luxuriant and plush in its styling-a thing from the past when evenings spent in candle light was the norm and great company was often enjoyed with such ambient candle lighting. The lantern has a certain mid eastern touch as well as French Baroque influence-the candle could easily be placed within its confines and will be well protected from the wind. The black metal is what makes the design all the more deep and well defined. The round base will give it stability. It's just about 14 cm in height and 11 cm is diameter and thus can be as much a centerpiece on tables as it can be on side tables. The light filtering through it will look positively mesmerizing .A great way to enhance the look of any space with such highlights.