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LCD Body Weight Bathroom Scale | BMI BMR | Gym Fitness Scale

Our body fat scale record and calculate 15 key body composition metrics, giving you an overview of your body and track your fitness progress daily, weekly, and monthly, keeping you motivated toward the goal.
This scale not only tracks your weight, it also delivers a body analysis that keeps you in sync with your healthy condition. Anti-skid bottom design keep the weighing platform stable while taking measurements.
Gaining a balance between your fitness and daily life with this highly accurate scale. Equip with a wide platform, high maximum capacity, step-on display setting, easy-to-read LCD display, this scale is suitable for everyone to use!
Our scale is ready to go to work as soon as you take it out of the box. It accurately weighs up to 396 lbs. An overload indicator warning is designed for preventing damage if it goes over capacity.
Please make sure to place the scale on a hard flat surface to calibrate, ensure the greatest accuracy and reliability. The fat weight scale will not work greatly on any soft surface including carpet, towel, uneven floor etc.

Colour: Black, Rosy Gold, Purple
Display mode: white LCD display on black background
Body material: ABS plastic bottom shell
Glass material: explosion-proof tempered glass

package include: 1x Scale