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Mars Hydro Grow Tent - 240cm x 120cm x 200cm

Mars Hydro Grow Tent - 240cm x 120cm x 200cm / 96"x48"x80"

Mars hydro produce high quality and long lasting grow tents. Made from 1680D diamond material, you'll get 50% more light reflection and par + compared to other grow tents. Mars Hydro grow tents also contain double stitching, reinforced corners and even zipper protection cloth. You've also got 50kg weight capacity, allowing you to comfortably hang your grow light, fans and carbon filters.


  •     Size: 240x120x200cm=96"x48"x80"=8'x4'x6.5'
  •     Door: 2 front doors, 2 half-moon zipper doors
  •     Hanging Bars: Equipped with 6 hanging bars for safe hanging
  •     Overall Capacity: 100 KG / 220 lbs
  •     Vent Size(Quantity/Diameter): 4*7cm+2*20cm+4*25cm=4x3''+2x8''+4x10''
  •     Micro-mesh Window(Quantity* L/W): 4*20cmx50cm=4*7"×20"
  •     Net Weight: 24KG / 53lbs
  •     Gross Weight: 26KG / 58lbs