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Necklace Feather Turquoise

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Product Dimensions: 19 cm long
Product Material: Metal Cotton, Beads

A necklace can be quite the game changer in the way you look - an accessory which can modify the top or the dress that you wear creating a colour pop as in this case with the textured and crackled look of turquoise coloured beads that makes up most of the lower beadwork of the necklace. Sitting near the collar bone this gorgeous hundred bead necklace with metal highlights will add the entire colour one could ever want in ones look. The blue beads in different hues, the white in between and the leaves created from oxidized metal looks fabulous together Reminiscent or American tribal accessories, it does have the look of tings truly ethnic and so much in tune with the basic handcrafted bone and stone jewellery that is worn even today n the modern times, by the tribal in many parts of the world. Wear your love for ethnicity in this manner while you make so many heads turn. This is a very close to the neckpiece that has one string overlaying the other in happy confusion of colours and a variety of beads.