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Satya Nag Champa And Ayurveda Incense Sticks - 192g Mixed Box

Satya Nag Champa And Ayurveda Incense Sticks - 192g Mixed Box

Introducing the Satya Nag Champa And Ayurveda Incense Sticks Mixed Box - a harmonious blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and natural goodness. Elevate your sensory experience with these exquisite incense sticks, meticulously hand-rolled to perfection.

Key Features:

  1. Long Burn Times: Immerse yourself in a prolonged state of tranquility as each incense stick boasts an impressive burn time of approximately 45 minutes. Let the soothing aroma linger and transform your space into a sanctuary of serenity.

  2. Hand Rolled: Crafted with care and precision, each incense stick is lovingly hand-rolled by skilled artisans. This attention to detail ensures a consistent quality that enhances the overall experience, making every moment truly special.

  3. Natural Ingredients: Embrace the purity of nature with incense sticks made from carefully selected natural ingredients. Satya Nag Champa And Ayurveda Incense Sticks are designed to bring the essence of the earth into your surroundings, creating an atmosphere of authenticity and well-being.

  4. Optimal Quantity: This Mixed Box offers a perfect assortment of fragrances, with 12-15 sticks per 15-gram box. Discover a variety of scents that cater to different moods and occasions, providing a diverse aromatic journey for your senses.

  5. Ideal Dimensions: Each stick measures approximately 20cm in length, ensuring a substantial burn while allowing for easy handling. Experience the perfect balance of size and functionality, making these incense sticks a delightful addition to any space.

Indulge in the rich tapestry of scents that Satya Nag Champa And Ayurveda Incense Sticks bring to your home. Whether you're seeking relaxation, meditation, or simply a moment of peace, let the natural aromas transport you to a realm of blissful harmony. Elevate your senses and elevate your space with the enchanting fragrance of these exceptional incense sticks.