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Kamini, Perfume Oils -

Get Yourself Some Amazing Kamini Perfume Oils From The Hippie House  Kamini is a popular brand due to their amazing incense and perfume oils. You'll find Kamini products all over the world due to their consistent quality and affordable prices.  Here at The Hippie House, we love perfume oils and Kamini oils are one of our favourites. They have an amazing collection of fragrances to choose from, they're a great natural perfume made with essential oils and the scent is long lasting.. What else could you possibly want? We stock the complete range including the regular perfume oils as well...

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Perfume Oils, Sacred Scent -

Sacred Scent Perfumes Oils Gaining Much Love Across Australia Sacred Scent perfume oils are a lovely perfume oil that are made with pure essential oils. Proudly made in Australia these great little perfume bottles are gathering much love not only in Australia but all around the world.  As they are a natural perfume oil they are much safer and healthier when compared to traditional deodorants and colognes that contain chemicals and aluminium.  Each bottle is 8.5ml and although this doesn't sound like much the bottle will last you much longer than you anticipate. All you need to do is dab a drop...

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